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The Story

From over two decades in financial services, we recognised the common challenges for all financial institutions (FI’s) in the mortgage origination process. We analysed the entire landscape and assessed every pressure point and challenge in the industry.

We realised that the most suitable and capable technology for this ecosystem to work cohesively, efficiently and most importantly securely, is the blockchain. Knowing this, we developed a bespoke blockchain platform that operates on permission based principals, enabling the most secure, protected and efficient transactions in the finance industry. That platform is developed, hosted and supported in Australia, providing complete regulatory comfort for FI’s.

We have created a world-class platform with the capability to solve each and every one of the challenges facing FI’s with a market-changing solution. In addition, we have built the platform to integrate and communicate with the whole mortgage ecosystem. A requirement we know will be necessary for any sustainable solution in the mortgage space in the future.

The Solutions

Our best in class digital platforms Homechain and Regchain, deliver world first solutions for the mortgage origination and risk review processes in any financial institution. By engaging our innovative technology, you are future proofing your organisation against increased, fraud, risk and regulatory pressures in an unrivalled, secure and efficient manner. In addition, you can reduce your end to end processing time for a home loan application from an industry average of 42 days, to just 5 days – submission to settlement.

The People

Ruth Hatherley, Founder & CEO

  • 21 years experience in Finance Industry, specialising in residential and commercial finance for 19 years
  • Expert in Mortgage and Property Ecosystem Process
  • Most recently managed the operations of one of the most highly decorated mortgage broker franchises in Australia
  • Western Australian media commentator & public speaker on the Australian Mortgage Market
Jonathan MacDonald, Chief Strategy Officer

  • 25 years experience in Digital Industry
  • Trusted advisor to the senior executives of the world’s largest companies including Google, Apple, Microsoft and IKEA
  • Is widely recognised as a significant contributor to the most cutting-edge thought-leadership platforms including Google’s Think Insights
  • One of the most in-demand thought leaders and keynote speakers in the world 
Melanie Jumeau, Chief Operations Officer

  • 17 years experience in Finance Industry across Business & Retail Banking in Big 4 FI’s
  • Most recent role was Process and Product Custodian of retail lending products
  • Experience in navigating the regulatory and legislative landscape
  • Expert in project management, change management, strategic implementation, and policy & process development
John Heaton, Chief Technology Officer

  • Seasoned results orientated technology leader with 20+ years of multinational experience
  • Technology leader skilled in developing results-orientated, productive teams focused on delivering innovative products using Agile and DevOps methodologies and technologies
  • Certified Business Architect, Enterprise Architect and Project Manager with extensive experience developing and delivering transformational programs for Financial Service organisations worldwide
  • Extensive experience designing and defining the different frameworks and standards necessary to govern and manage technology including risk, security, data and compliance
Peter Keenan, Head of Partnerships

  • 14 years experience in Finance Industry specialising in residential and commercial finance
  • Expert in the Residential Lending Ecosystem, specifically systems, product, policy and process and in Business and Relationship Development with both external and internal stakeholders
  • Most recently a Shareholder and General Manager in one of Australia’s most successful and awarded mortgage broker franchises
  • Highly decorated and awarded Loan Consultant with both franchise group and national industry recognition
Jay Rowland, Head of Implementation

  • 9 years experience in Finance Industry across Business & Retail Banking
  • Most recent role was Senior Product Manager for Small Business at a Big 4 Bank
  • Expert in business and retail lending product & process
  • Experience in product management, project management, process improvement & change management
Kristi Salmi, Head of Data Science & Product

  • Over 12 years experience in financial services, roles include Credit Analysis Manager, Credit Risk Analyst and Information Architect
  • Significant project and product experience in Loan Origination, Operational and Management Reporting and Regulatory Compliance
  • Masters in Data Science, Certified Enterprise Architect (TOGAF), Certified Scrum Master and Certified Product Owner
  • Passion for understanding how information can be used to create a competitive advantage and to provide a better customer experience

Get in touch

If you are interested to learn more about how Homechain or Regchain could radically innovate your business, please email ruth@moneycatcha.com or jonathan@moneycatcha.com. For support enquiries, please contact melanie@moneycatcha.com or jay@moneycatcha.com.

For media enquiries please email media@moneycatcha.com.