Our Story

From over 90 years combined experience in financial services, digital and technology industries, we recognised the common challenges for all financial institutions (FI’s). We analysed the entire landscape and assessed every pressure point and challenge in the industry. We realised that the most suitable and capable technology for this ecosystem to work cohesively, efficiently and most importantly securely, is blockchain. Knowing this, we developed bespoke blockchain platforms that operate on permission based principals, enabling the most secure, protected and efficient transactions in the finance industry. Those platforms are developed, hosted and supported in Australia, providing complete regulatory comfort for FI’s.

In creating a world-class platform with the capability to solve each and every one of the challenges facing FI’s, we quickly realised that these same challenges are not only faced by FI’s but impact every organisation in every industry.

With this realisation, Moneycatcha developed an open and agnostic blockchain platform that allows our team, in consultation with you, to create a bespoke and tailored solution for the challenges your organisation faces.

Our Products

Homechain empowers vendors to increase profitability by reducing product origination and funding processes with fully digitised, end-to-end workflows. In addition, the platform embeds business rules into the workflow and instantly verifies and validates information using API’s against sources of truth, providing significant improvements in efficiency and speed.

In the finance industry, Homechain reduces the home loan origination process from an industry average of 42 days to 5 days and is the first truly end-to-end Loan Origination Platform in Australia. ‘these benefits are being now being explored in other use cases like lease procurement and consent management.

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We can design and develop your very own bespoke, uniquely configured solutions to be released and tested in your environment in as little as 12 weeks, for a competitive fixed fee and licence cost.

Contact our team today to discuss further by emailing ruth@moneycatcha.com

The Regchain platform enables data consolidation from multiple source systems, providing ongoing updates of key data attributes and real-time risk management of large, distributed portfolios of data.

The platform has been used in the finance sector for aggregation and ongoing loan performance assessment of the portfolios, providing alerts when variances move beyond set risk margins, allowing FI’s to actively engage with their clients earlier, manage their risk portfolio better and even consider applying risk-based pricing models. The platform is now being adopted to manage and enhance data sets across many other industries.

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Our People

Ruth Hatherley

Founder & CEO

Melanie Jumeau

Chief Operations Officer

Peter Keenan

Head of Partnerships