We will continuously establish and grow a values driven culture, embodied as a dream team that aims for high achievement through the passionate pursuit of excellence. Our values are as follows:

Long-Term Vision

  • We will seek to innovate disruptively and incrementally, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in an extensible and scalable way
  • We strive to identify effective and repeatable patterns to realise our vision
  • We embody change as a positive, empowering force
  • We will maintain and grow commercial sustainability by enabling longevity in how we structure, conceive, develop and price our offerings
  • We make decisions with the company‚Äôs best interests in mind and take ownership for those decisions
  • We strive to have working software over comprehensive documentation to benefit our customers
  • We strive to make fact-driven decisions, driven by our values
  • We have a solutions-focussed mindset, starting with solutions as the priority outcome
  • We want to work with forward-focussed people who come with solutions
  • We identify and resolve root causes

Strive For Excellence

  • We are all leaders and have a responsibility to live our values
  • We inspire excellence in Leadership through excellence in Leadership
  • We ensure all team members are empowered with the required knowledge and power to make informed and best-judgement decisions
  • We take smart, calculated risks and are open to responsible failure
  • We trust in the abilities of our team members to individually and collectively enable our combined potential
  • We hire based on people’s abilities to do their job and believe they can
  • We deliver on the trust shown in us by others


  • We will take a collaborative approach with all parties we deal with, being harmonious with the needs and expertise of others
  • We focus on collaboration with our team and our customers
  • We value collaboration over negotiation
  • We willingly and openly share our knowledge with our team mates
  • We embrace diversity and value it in every context
  • We view location agnostically, enabling a flexible environment unhindered by borders
  • We are agnostic as to the way our teams deliver solutions
  • We value achievement over hours worked
  • We strive for transparent communication
  • We all have a voice
  • We listen, we respond (not react) and we are clear in our language
  • We strive to provide the right information to the right people at the right time
  • We respect each others suggestions and ideas
  • We recognise and respect that our people are diverse and we respect different communication styles
  • We can all lead and inspire
  • We can all learn from others and be inspired
  • We are considerate and respectful of the holistic landscape, even when outside an individual remit, to take into account the full picture in decision-making


  • We commit to an ongoing betterment of ourselves, our professional development and our collective intelligence through formal and informal learning
  • We believe in the importance of learning fast and learning often enthusiastically
  • We inspire others with our passion and thirst for knowledge
  • We are open to new ideas regardless of where they come from
  • We are willing to try new things and experiment with the unknown

Honest & Bravery

  • We are responsible for the decisions we make
  • We take ownership of our challenges and results
  • We acknowledge that our environment is ever changing and embrace the opportunities presented by this fluidity, rather than trying to control it
  • We accept that we work in an environment where there are unknowns
  • We value responding to change over myopically following a plan
  • We believe that freedom and rapid recovery is better than being stuck in negative cycles
  • We provide candid, helpful, timely feedback
  • We say what we think, even if it is uncomfortable, but we do it with respect
  • We accept and acknowledge feedback with respect
  • We hold true to our values that come through continuously throughout our work and relationships
  • Our word is our word